Anatoliy Glushchenko

Anatoliy Glushchenko

Anatoliy Glushchenko

Professor of Physics / Director of the Center for Advanced Technologies and Optical Materials


Ph.D.: Institute of Physics, National Academy of Science (Ukraine), 1997

Research Interests

  • Applied Optics (light interaction with non-linear and anisotropic media, photoalignment and photo-orientation effects in soft matter, polarization optics and ellipsometry)
  • Crystallography (polymer films and liquid crystals)
  • Smoke and fire detection (LIDAR systems)
  • Biophysics & Biophotonics (bioanalytical instrumentation, artificial tissue engineering, drug delivering using nanoparticles, liquid crystals bio-imaging)
  • Renewable Energy (liquid crystals for photovoltaics, photovoltaic effect in ferroelectric thin films)
  • Soft Condensed Matter (physics of nanofluids, development and study of structured colloids)
  • Liquid Crystals (thermotropic and lyotropic liquid crystals and ordered layers)
  • Surface related phenomena (interaction of liquid crystals with surfaces of a different nature, physics of liquid crystals in confined geometries).
  • Electro-optical phenomena in liquid crystals (Freedericksz transition, dynamics of orientational transitions in nematics, cholesterics and smectics, director relaxation, electrically controlled birefringence effects)
  • Material Science (thin films, heterogeneous systems, nanoparticles and nanosuspensions, ordered colloids)
  • Liquid Crystal Display Devices (all the related fundamental and applied science, including all the display modes, bistable displays, and flexible displays)
  • Non-Display Applications of Liquid Crystals (Diffractive and beam steering devices, switchable windows)
  • Liquid crystals in microwave (properties and devices)
  • Experimental Techniques and Instrumentation (data acquisition, computer and instrumentation hardware, pilot lines, mass production & clean room procedures).

Honors & Awards

  • Million Dollars Club Inductee - University of Colorado - Colorado Springs, 2015
  • National Science Foundation EAGER Grant-Award for Single-Step Processing of Self-Assembled Magneto-Dielectric Hybrid Composites for Microwave Phased Array Sensors, 2014
  • Thomas Jefferson Award – System Wide Award, University of Colorado, 2013
  • College of Letters, Arts and Sciences Outstanding Research Award, University of Colorado - Colorado Springs, 2011
  • Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowship, 2008
  • Inventor of the Year, University of Colorado, 2007
  • Inventor Recognition Award, Kent State University, 2004
  • Award-Fellowship of the President of Ukraine, 2000